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The Badarse phenomenon had it’s roots Hugh’s  ‘take me out’ Character an obnoxious self indulgent creative who had his “fingers in many pies in Dublin City”. On moving to London as was the fashion of the time Hugh started a long term collaboration with Film-maker Charlie Doran. Their video ‘Farewell Ireland’ straddling real life and farce confused the clientele of Broadsheet sparking the usual vitriol response. The next video was “Mum” in which Hugh captured the shitegeist of the time telling his mother he hadn't called because  


“I'm in London doing cool

London stuff”


to call her. This video went viral and so ensued the myth of the Badarse. Hugh and Charlie developed a multimedia audio visual show with producer Jon Averill. The show brought record breaking crows to the Bernard Shaw, did a sold out run in The Sugar Club and did two days at Beatyard Festival.  Forever since should someone spot someone balancing at the traffic lights they turn and say “wooooooowwwww” “Coooooooooooool”

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