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‘Italo Sunsets’ an exhibition of landscapes drawn in 72dpi (Dots per inch.) Inspired by the musical genre ‘Italo Disco’ spawned a new line of beautiful and accessible works. Having been told that Ms.Paint could not be beautiful Using the medium of Ms Paint Hugh looked for a subject matter that was undeniably beautiful. (The whole project spawned ironically spawned by and act of revenge.) Something that you would be unable to argue whether it was beautiful or not. A Sunset or Sunrise is not something that any person in the world has ever stood there and said “I don’t like it.” No matter what colour or creed we are we appreciate this phenomenon. These sunsets designed to be a gorgeous block of colour for the home, but also for the office environment are almost a tongue in cheek enhanced substitute for the real thing.

Available in any size and in traditional and modern formats, commission a new sunset or inquire about an existing edition.

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