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The Mustering

Knights with smartphones. Oven-Cooked pizzas. Ancient nations that teem with scheming kings, troll warriors and fiendishly complicated Wi-Fi passwords.  This is the tale of the Harriers, a chapter of peaceful knights from Hackney, East London, who are engaged in a fantasy epic that mingles the mysteries of the medieval with a melange of modern-day myth-making. This saga was presented for viewing as six short episodes together with a live performance. We asked  folk too to pledge your allegiance. No pizza will be supplied to audiences on the night. This is non-negotiable.

The Mustering Of The Harrier was in the making for 12 years. A mythology for the International League of Harriers, a passion project where Hugh platted his artistic pursuits together into one pointed piece. It materialised as a six part fantasy Epic. Another collaboration with Charlie Doran as director, continuing their joint success

It flourished as a live screening. It had premieres in London and Dublin. Also selected by the Shebeen Flick Berlin Film Festival for a special performance in Berlin. Hugh is currently writing season 2.

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